HK: ArtiST Festival Featured Artist – Dorothy Krakauer

Reflection I Dorothy Krakauer Oil on Canvas 40x30in 2012

DOROTHY KRAKAUER works in oils, watercolors, pencils, charcoal, pastels and photography.  Her artwork has been shown in numerous group and solo exhibits in Japan, Turkey, England, France, Italy, Spain, Colombia, and the United States. Recent exhibits in New York City include the Ensemble 212 Gala Concert & Fundraising Event; Gallery New World Stages; Art for Healing Gallery NYC; Spanish Benevolent Society Gallery; The Jackson Gallery of Art MCC; Hell’s Kitchen Artist Open Studio Tour; International Women Artists Salon; Paul Cabezas Art Gallery; and Jadite Gallery.  Dorothy is a cofounder of Fountain Gallery, New York, and is a Curator for Ensemble 212, other art organizations, and individual artists.

Her artwork appears in publications including Arte News Publishing Magazine, New York, London and Spain; Talent in Motion Magazine, New York; The Edge, Hell’s Kitchen New York City; and Fresh View, Art for Healing Gallery, New York.  She recently began printing a line of greeting cards based on her artwork.  During the years 1973-1975 Dorothy lived in Izmir, Turkey, where she supervised the renovation of the sanctuary and created an original oil painting of Saint Francis of Assisi, designated a National Art Treasure of Turkey, in the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist.  She also restored frescoes in the seventeenth century Church of Saint Polycarp in Izmir, and did photography for books on Turkish culture.

Her awards include Honoree, International Women Artists Salon in New York, Second Place in the Angel Orensanz Foundation Fourth International Artists Award in New York, Paris and Venice 2004, and the NATO Award for Women for her work in Turkey.  Dorothy was born on the Indian Nations Reservations at Columbia Falls, Montana.  She studied oil painting in Tokyo, Japan, with Shunjiro Nakamura, received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and studied drawing and painting from the live model at Massachusetts College of Art.  Her artwork hangs in private collections throughout the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, South and Central America.

For more information about Dorothy Krakauer or to contact her email:  or visit:


View other artists and for more information on the 5th Annual Hell’s Kitchen Artist Studio Tour on May 17th through May 19th 2013, please visit:


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